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Wine Flights is your door to the wonderful and fascinating world of wine. The name signifies two aspects of wine: that wine is freqently enjoyed in flights, and you often must take a flight to get to a wine region in order to explore it. We'll be doing both on this site!

Use the navigation buttons to take you to discussions of various wines, as well as to different wine regions of the world.

Winter 2013/2014
As we transition from autumn to winter, I really get in the mood for bolder, more robust wines, especially wines that pair well with cold weather comfort foods. Check out the Wine Flights page for 'Wines For Winter - Part 1,' your new homework assignment.

If wine touring is in your future, then check out the Wine Touring page for three awesome wine regions: Caneros and Mendocino County in California, and Walla Walla in Washington.

You'll discover some of the best wine made on earth when you visit wineries in these three regions, especially the ones recommended in each article. I've been to each of them, so I know they're well worth the visit. 

For even more information and suggestions on wine touring, please check out the web site, put together by a good friend of mine.


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